Patented system of manufacturing economical housing using a portable, reusable concrete mold system to create walls. Typically, precast concrete walls are manufactured in a centrally located plant and then delivered via tractor trailer. Our system brings the manufacturing onsite, casting high quality precast concrete mere feet from the building location. The design utilizes storage containers, reducing the cost and environmental impact of precast manufacture and delivery.

We are able to pour walls of all thicknesses that measure 8 1/2 feet tall by 38 feet long, or, alternatively, 38 feet tall 8 1/2 feet wide. This gives us the ability to build up to four story buildings. We can also incorporate window and door structures by utilizing block outs within the mold. Multiple molds can be brought together to increase production. This system can be used as a mobile factory, allowing for casting and delivery from one location, then moved within 24 hours somewhere else, leaving a minimal footprint of prior activity.

We are also working to incorporate further eco-housing design with solar generating power, passive heating and cooling, and even Aquaponics systems, providing a built- in ability to produce good quality food.