Revolution One is the first open source 3D printer built from the ground up to be a robust, low cost, easy to deploy and operate, geopolymer, and concrete house printer. Using simplified construction techniques and commodity parts, Revolution One lowers the barrier of entry for construction based 3D printing.

Build it as simple or complex as you want. See 3rd Dimensional Printing for more information, details, materials used, design methodology, alternative parts and future iterative design changes.

The only thing we ask at 3rd Dimensional Printing is that you share any design changes or improvements you make with the community.

Revolution one is released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International licensing model.

Build it, use it, make the world a better place.

“if you choose not to weld, drill, grind, wire, and program, you can purchase a -tested and preassembled unit etc.”

Tested and pre-assembled unit ready for shipping is available at approx. $46,000.