Calcium-aluminate cements are hydraulic cements obtained by pulverizing a solidified melt or clinker that consists predominantly of hydraulic calcium aluminates formed from proportioned mixtures of aluminous and calcareous materials.

Calcium-aluminate cements are primarily used for high heat refractory applications. Other uses include moderate acid-resistant applications, high-early-strength and quick-setting mixtures, and as part of the expansive component in some shrinkage-compensating cements. These cements are typically designed to gain strength much faster than ordinary portland cements and pre-dominately consist of calcium aluminate that can produce large amounts of heat during the first 24 hours.

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Mono calcium aluminate is a concrete created in the 1970s from China. Typically used for high temperature such as kilns, the cement has found its way in different 3-D concrete printing systems. It is a quick drying strong binder, and has a nice tan color. We have 50 kg bags and up to 8 tons available. Please contact us for pricing.

Mono calcium aluminate is used by many of the 3D concrete printing companies.