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William started his military career at 6 years old in the 1st grade at the Southern California military school. By the second grade he attained the rank of corporal and continued his military schooling until he was transferred to Antilles Military school in Puerto Rico. When William reached the 9 th grade, he returned to Southern California and went to a civilian High School.

After High School he join the US army and trained as a Special Forces Medic.

After returning to California, William joined the California National Guard as a Chief medical sergeant for  a Battalion Aid Station to include teaching NCO school for the California National Guard. After returning to civilian life, he began his construction career, while maintaining service to the California National Guard.


William is proud to have served his country and proud to call himself an American Veteran


William Hoff is the inventor of an efficient, portable concrete casting system using natural materials to create low-cost housing and other structures.  He has researched materials from around the world and integrated these materials with his knowledge and experience to create more sustainable structures.  These structures are stronger, as well as resistant to fire, earthquakes and natural disasters so they will last for generations.

William has extensive experience in building as an iron-worker, carpenter, concrete finisher; both as a journeyman and supervisor.  He has a commitment to making low cost housing available to non-profit organizations and people around the world that would otherwise not have access to modern building practices.

William has also been a crane operator in Las Vegas for 34 years and during that time he has witnessed this small gambling town turn into the world-class city it is today.  He had a big part in building the mega-resorts that are seen in Las Vegas currently.  The building practices employed during the development of what we now call “the strip” have given him a unique insight into some high tech and innovative building solutions.

After growing up in Puerto Rico and then traveling around the world as a crane operator, William became determined to find a way to improve the shelter and housing conditions of people living in other countries less fortunate than ours. His determination led him to develop a system that can be used anywhere in places where people are willing to better their lives.

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