Sustainable Housing

Economical. Sustainable Housing

The Portable, Reusable Concrete Mold

Enabling the delivery of affordable, sustainable building materials to locations not generally accessible to large manufacturers of concrete walls.


Artist Rendering of the New Jersey 2011 Solar Decathlon

Now with our improved quality and cost of concrete construction, we are looking to creating more sustainable housing. We are going to integrate current systems that will not only improve the environment, but the quality of people’s lives.

I have developed a a system of manufacturing economical housing using a portable, reusable concrete mold system to create walls. It can be used where general production plants for such molds are not accessible.

By utilizing storage containers, I have been able to reduce cost and increase quality of precast concrete onsite where this would have previously been impossible.

Generally, concrete walls are manufactured in a plant and then delivered via tractor trailer to a reasonably accessible area. Now we are able to bring a mold system onsite and cast high quality precast concrete.

We have plans to design housing with solar generating power and passive heating and cooling. The use of sustainable materials will not only reduce the cost, but also improve the structure. We will also include Aquaponics systems so that the home will have a built- in ability to produce good quality food.

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