Geopolymer is a term coined by Joseph Davidovits over thirty years ago. While having the research and development continue with his Geopolymer Institute, others have stretched the term to cover processes that are not necessarily proper.

We are focused on the safe use of the geopolymerization process to create binders for concrete that will reduce cost and utilize the million of tons of fly ash that has been made by burning coal.

This will not only make better concrete structures, but help clean up the environment at a lower cost. Depending on the local infrastructure, Portland cement may also be used.

For more information on Geopolymer cement we suggest the Geopolymer Institute. We are working on the development of the use of Geopolymer in the field environment.



We now have Basalt Rebar and Geopolymer materials available here in Nevada from Out of The Box Construction,LLC.

Please call 888-723-4560 for details.


Fly Ash PollutionFly Ash Pollution

Geopolymer cement a chemical process using fly ash to make concrete.

There are over 125,000,000 tons of Fly Ash made per year in the US alone. Because of the billions of tons of Fly Ash piling up worldwide, it would make more sense to use this waste product to lower the cost of building concrete structures, than to burn more fuel to make Portland cement.


Our goals are to truly change the current building paradigm to one of common sense and real sustainability while dramatically reducing the cost of construction.


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