Basalt Rebar



Basalt is the black slag of a volcano (lava) . It can be made into a reinforcement bar called rebar. It is three times stronger than steel and half the weight.
It is a mineral and not metal so there is no rust, which is why most concrete deteriorates.
There is no facility in the United States that makes this material, however, the cost is now cheaper to ship from China than the cost of making steel rebar in the United States. The use of this material is very popular in China and Russia.



We now have Basalt Rebar and Geopolymer materials available here in Nevada from Out of The Box Construction,LLC.

Please call 888-723-4560 for details.


Basalt Replaces Steel Rebar

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Many studies have been done showing that Basalt rebar can be stressed and will return to it’s original form as seen above. This is impossible with steel rebar and dramatically changes the dynamics from the effects of earth quakes


Our goals are to truly change the current building paradigm to one of common sense and real sustainability while dramatically reducing the cost of construction.




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