12Out of the Box Construction is committed to lowering the cost of building sustainable structures. To accomplish this we are always seeking out new sustainable materials. After years of research we have found new materials from all over the globe.

We have also created new materials, which have not been made public yet, however the implementation will be very soon. This will incorporate the use of waste material while always improving quality and lowering cost.

Geopolymer and Basalt are materials that are now in our inventory, however, at times the infrastructure may require the use of conventional cement, such as Portland, which may still be used with all of our equipment. This insures that we are still able to deliver low cost housing while complying with local regulations until which time new science is accepted, and laws are changed.

Fly Ash Pollution

In the meantime, both Geopolymer cement and Basalt rebar is in the international building code of the United Nations.







Our goals are to truly change the current building paradigm to one of common sense and real sustainability, while dramatically reducing the cost of construction.


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